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Imagine picturesque landscapes, high-class dining, relaxing spas, unique experiences, and exquisite hotel suites. All of this is attainable whilst enjoying a hotel stay in London- one of the most visited destinations in Europe. The dynamic city is a stunning exhibit of both the old and the new. As tourists travel around the bustling city, admiring its panoramic scenes, they get a glimpse of its rich history, diverse culture and can admire its modernity and cosmopolitan nature. London, the home to Big Ben and the London Eye has great weather, exquisite food, and exciting events. Allow us to introduce you to five of the most luxurious hotels that London has to offer.

Hotel Savoy – Strand, London WC2 // Covent Garden, London

Located in the heart of London, Hotel Savoy displays an unobstructed view that wraps around from the countryside to the River Thames and is a narrative of beauty. Built back in 1889 it boasts unparalleled historical significance. One side faces the river and portrays a mix of Edwardian details whilst the other side faces the Strand is enhanced with Art Deco motifs. Whilst staying in Savoy, you can find nine signature suites, styled with timeless elegance. Each room has a story to tell and boasts only the finest choice of interior details, allowing guests to enjoy the magnificence of London from each window of the hotel. Making wonderful memories throughout your time at Savoy is made easy thanks to their host of services, in-house experiences, dining options, and more! 

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The Dorchester Hotel – Park Lane, London W1K // Hyde Park, London

The Dorchester Hotel, built in the 1930s, is a key part of British heritage. Located in Park Lane and overlooking Hyde Park, it’s the perfect hotel if you enjoy an Art Deco exterior mixed with a classical English interior. Every room is elegantly surrounded by outdoor terraces facing the London skyline, whilst Dorchester’s penthouse boasts elegant silk and leather details. The hotel is famous for its fireplace facing a wide outdoor terrace that gives a modern and luxurious touch. The Dorchester Hotel has an on-site, three-star Michelin restaurant – notorious for having guested a number of celebrities such as royalty, rock stars, and Hollywood actors. The Dorchester presents guests with more than just top-class dining service. They also offer a wide range of additional experiences such as high tea and relaxing spa treatments.

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The Ritz Hotel – Piccadilly, London W1J // Mayfair, London

The Ritz Hotel has a great historical background. Having opened as long ago as 1906, even today it’s a resounding symbol of high society and luxury. Known to be one of the world’s most prestigious hotels over the years, The Ritz represents elegance and high taste- to the point where the word “ritzy” has even been added to the English language to indicate that something is very fancy and fashionable. From a profound afternoon tea to an award-winning restaurant, the Ritz presents their guests with top-class dining service. The suites have an apartment-style penthouse that is suitable for royalty. A few of the famed guests to enjoy the Ritz’s spacious rooms, marble details, delicate wood inserts, and lustrous room palettes include; Charlie Chaplin, The Queen, Evelyn Waugh, and Winston Churchill.


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The Langham Hotel – Portland PI, London W1B // Marylebone, London

The Langham Hotel was Europe’s first Grand Hotel and opened in 1865. A century and a half on, the hotel is just as luxurious and sophisticated as it used to appear when Napoleon III spent a night here. The aesthetics of the Langham displays a mix of contemporary and oriental features. This gracious combination and its desirable position make this luxury hotel a flagship in the city! The west end allows the Langham guests the opportunity to explore the stunning shopping scene, captivating theatres, and vibrant nightlife. When staying at The Langham, guests are welcomed to their rooms by billowing ceilings in spacious bedrooms and magnificent bathrooms. Further adding to an atmosphere of sheer relaxation, guests are invited to unwind at the hotel spa, take a swim in the pool or destress in the gym before indulging in a meal prepared by famed chef, Michael Roux Jr.

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Rosewood London – High Holborn, London WC1 // Holborn, London

Rosewood Hotel is situated in an extraordinary location- within a hidden courtyard which is only a short distance from the prime historic attractions. Upon arrival, guests are instantly transported as they sashay through a stunning archway and are able to admire the Edwardian architectural details influenced by the transformative Renaissance Age. Not only is the entryway exceptionally breathtaking, but guests can take delight in the old-world charm and appreciate the beauty of unique decor choices throughout the hotel.

A stroll through the corridors provides guests with a full experience of artwork that very vividly represents a particular period within British history. The exquisite suites are set apart from those in other hotels as they are the only ones in the world that have private, separate entrances as well as an elevator that brings you directly up to and inside your apartment. The Rosewood provides their guests with far more than striking rooms. It also gives them access to all-embracing cuisines, a host of conference spaces, wedding venues, and an unrivaled spa.

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Although nothing compares to the feeling of home, London has some of the most beautiful hotels the world has to offer. With the top-notch services, breathtaking interiors, and quality experiences, the above five hotels will have you feeling at home in no time! They deliver cozy and welcoming environments, tailored perfectly to suit both your needs and desires. Vogue Properties looks forward to helping you find your second home whilst staying in London.

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