Buyers guide for buying an ideal London home

Buyers guide for buying an ideal London home

Are you thinking about the best parts when buying a new home in London? A house can be seen as a good deal when it’s sold for much less than the usual price, in a great place and meets what you want to buy.

Finding a good property in London is hard. If you want to invest in real estate, be careful not to make quick and often silly choices. Here are some tips for buying a new perfect London home in 2023.

1. Define Your Needs

You start by writing down what’s important and needed, like where you want to live, number of rooms wanted, main design choices and how much money is available. This will help you choose better and find a real cost amount.

Don’t be scared to tell these details to your property agent. Actually, telling what you need for a house can help save time and money in this job. Most professional real estate agents only work on plans for investing that are serious and can really happen. If they know what you need for investment, then they can find and talk about the best deal in stores. Our real estate experts in London have been able to talk for buyers and finish deals with the best possible savings.

2. Find the Right Property

It’s key to learn all you can about the place where you want a new home. You should look into things like where school areas are, if it’s easy to get there and how close transport links are. These can change the cost of a home now or later on too. Homes close to famous schools and easy-to-reach by public transport will bring more money than others.

After looking into the place you want, it helps to check out possible houses online and also see them in real life. Seeing houses in person helps you see past what they’re worth now and gives a better idea of the area around them. It’s also good to see them more than once and at different times in the day.

3. Arrange a Mortgage

When an offer is agreed upon, you might have to get a home loan in London. When you buy a home, it’s usually asked to save about 10% of the price. The other part is borrowed from someone who lends money for houses – called mortgage lender. The money they will give you depends on many things like how much of your own is in the bank, what job pays and if you have a good score for being trusted with loans.

A mortgage lender will give out a promise (AIP) that says they are ready to send you the agreed-upon amount for money. This can make you look better when buying, as it shows the person selling that you can get enough money to buy their property. It’s important to think about the extra money you have to spend when buying a house. This can include things like Land Registry costs, home survey fees and getting insurance for your new property.

4. Make an Offer

After picking the property you want to buy, next step will be making an offer. When you make your deal, it’s key to remember including a price cut in the offer. So, for the kind of developer and property you have, listen to your real estate agent. They will help guide how much discounts developers offer which can vary a lot. We always try to get the biggest discount we can and talk with others for you.

5. Designing and Furnishing Your Home

Now that you have bought your new house in London, it’s important to pick famous designers with a good name. They can help make and decorate your home look nice. Design patterns keep changing so it’s best to pick designs that last long. The materials we pick should look nice and last a long time. These things are important in making a good place. This helps people want to buy it later and makes sure its value stays high in the future.

6. Completion and Move-In

The developer usually sets the finish date beforehand for properties that are built from plans. You can decide on a good day with the builder after your new house is done to move in.

When you want to buy the home of your dreams, it’s crucial to think about many things because this is a big promise for the future. It’s where you and your family will spend most of your time together, and every step is important too. Each decision and pick must be thought about because it affects your future house.

If you need help with any of those steps, please reach out to us. Our work helpers in London will always be there to show you how this busy and hard process works. They’ll make your journey nice.

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