What to consider when buying a Luxury London Property

What to consider when buying a Luxury London Property?

As we move towards the end of there has been a surge in interest and sales vista this year luxury market central London real estate. Trends, such as the global pandemic have led to a different type of buyer and back in vogue for now is the centre city location again.

There are a number of things that no matter how much money a buyer has as hishis must-haves on purchasing a new home. If you are thinking of buying a luxury home in central London, you might want to run over the following list.

1. Location

The most important factor when purchasing a luxury property in London is location. Prime postcodes are considered a status symbol and therefore owning a prime postcode can guarantee the purchaser of an asset that appreciates in value over time. Proximity to tourist attractions is another thing that needs to be thought of. The main residential areas are located at a distance from the tourist attractions defining their social structure, thus ensuring higher prices.

2. Amenities and facilities

For buy luxury property london there is a need of providing world class amenities and facilities to the buyer. Home technology systems are no longer luxuries, but rather necessities home automation system indoor cinema multi-room sound system motorized window treatment burglar alarms CCTV surveillance temperature controlled wine cellars log burners underfloor heating. Apartments on the first floors are usually considered to be most desirable because they have a lot of space and very high ceilings in addition with having a beautiful view from those big windows. Outdoor garden space and home offices that face the south are also in big demand, as increasing numbers of buyers work from home. Flats must also have the capacity for more than one well-proportioned bedroom that would comfortably accommodate a double bed. Another factor that defines a luxury apartment is space where an apartment should have not less than 3,500 square feet of open free ceiling.

3. Transportation

Location also extends outside the geographical Navohеnre of the property in question, as no matter whether travelling by car or public transport, where they can go becomes an important factor to consider-how far from transportation links is itgoing-when buying a swanky Regent’s Park town house. This has been due to a supply of off-street parking, which is also easily accessible within the city.There was also an array of luxury boutiques and restaurants that one could patronize on their drive downtown. Schools are among the top three educational needs in terms of transportation facilities.

4. Finishes

Central London luxury property with interior finishes to match. This entails unique wall and flooring including fabric panelling of walls, marble bathroom floors and walls while the hand paint silk pattern wallpaper. Wooden flooring is key, with nearly one third of estate agents recognising it as the current trendiest style accompanied by bi-folding doors. Ikat patterns are still a preferred choice.

5. Developers

Developers are believed to be one of the key elements in creating a luxury property experience for the buyer. The right developer must be a seasoned one and with proven experience in the successful development of several luxury properties in the market. Developers who do not have this experience may find it a struggle to deliver the higher end finish and quality of finishes now expected by today’s buyers. The developer must be oh-so customer-focused, recognizing the ever-changing needs of a buyer market.

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