Luxury new apartments released at Lots Road Power Station, which once powered the London Underground network in Chelsea

Luxury new apartments released at Lots Road Power Station, which once powered the London Underground network in Chelsea

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Today, you can buy fancy new flats in London worth lots of money on Lots Road Power Station street. This is the oldest power station in London and it sells today for big prices. This happened after 20 years of careful planning, making designs and building.

Lots Road Power Station: A Historical Overview

Made in 1902, Lots Road Power Station at Chelsea Creek is older than its well-known neighbor Battersea Power Station by nearly four decades. When it was working, from 1905 to 1985 it gave energy underground. It did this during hard times like the Blitz too.

This big red building from the Edwardian time had two large rooms, four tall chimneys and a strong steel frame weighing 600 tonnes. It used to use 700 tonnes of coal brought by barge on River Thames each day.

The Powerhouse: New Apartments inside an Old Building from the 1900s

The Powerhouse power station now has two new glass houses for people to live in. They have 37 and 25 levels high on an area of eight-and-a-half acres wide. The old building, still with two chimneys left, is saved by putting a new living space inside it. The whole growth is linked by trendy, low-lying bridges.

Luxurious Amenities and Affordable Housing: A Balanced Mix

Noted architect Sir Terry Farrell made the apartments around a big middle area called an atrium. They said yes to have a juice or coffee place at the bottom of one of the big chimneys. The side of the building that gets sun in the south has private balconies. They are inside old arched windows.

Interest Among Buyers: The Emerging Trends

A total of 260 homes are for sale, including two blocks set aside for local people who need help with housing and 61 cheap houses inside the power station. The cost of these homes that have 2 to 4 bedrooms is £1,695,000. They come with stuff like a service person available all the time and more good things like health clubs, large swimming pool measuring about 20m long as well fitness centers for workouts plus also there’s an area called Residents Club Lounge just special only for

Preserving History: The Unique Challenges and Achievements

Chris Jones, a partner at Knight Frank who is handling the sales says that Hong Kong developers CK Hutchison have put more effort into fixing and improving this Grade II listed old building. He shows that people who own their homes, including rich folks from the Middle East looking for a second home or family base, are really interested. People living in houses looking to move and those from London with family money are interested as well. They like the sizes of these apartments near Chelsea close by a water area called river side.

Jones explains that the power station has always been a main spot for people living in this part of London. Unlike the big project in Battersea, Lots Road has stayed something like a hidden secret. Its presence is special because during war times, many big factories in that area were destroyed by Blitz bombings.

Greenery and Design: Making the Industrial Look More Appealing

The gardens around, made by Randle Siddeley, have hidden spots to sit and relax near the water. Fiona Barrett-Campbell’s interior design has a big granite desk inside the building in memory of its past coal use. She also put tall evergreen trees into the atrium area to decorate it more.

CK Hutchison: The Company behind the Transformation

Li Ka-Shing, the richest man in Hong Kong, started CK Hutchison Holdings Limited. In 2002 they bought Lots Road Power Station. In the last 20 years, they have spent their time trying to fix and improve this place. Now, Victor – Li’s son is leading the company. They are also working on a 41-acre dockyard spot near Thames in Deptford area and will build 3500 homes within fifteen years from now.


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